Fishermens Ministry
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Fishermen’s ministry is an outreach ministry that was started in 2011 by Greg and Vivian Manns.

Greg had a past history of drug addiction. During the lowest point of his addiction, he spent time in prison for crimes he committed while homeless and under the influence. At the end of Greg's despair, he became free of that addiction when he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. After his salvation he felt compelled by the Lord to return to the streets of Detroit (where he lived while addicted) and to minister to those who were also lost in addiction.

Vivian was brought up in a Christian home and attended church regularly however, her lifestyle although probably not considered ‘bad’ in society’s eyes was contrary to the word of God. The Lord continued to pull on her heart. Upon her re-commitment to Christ, she felt a strong calling to feed and clothe the homeless.

Greg and Vivian were introduced in 2010 at their church home, Evangel Ministries, where the senior pastor is Christopher Brooks and founding pastor is George Bogel. They both are committed and active members of Evangel Min. serving in various ministries. They were married in February, 2011. Both given a heart for those whom people may have written off, they decided to go to the bowels of Detroit to minister, feed and clothe the homeless and addicted. They leave you with Fishermen’s foundational scripture.

“Come, follow me, “Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men” –Mark 1:17

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Our Mission

Fishermen’s Ministry will be used by God to bring hope to the hopeless, mending to the broken and restoration to the naturally and spiritually impoverished by showing the Love and Lordship of Jesus through personal connections..